SkyEnd (2278) / Dauntless (2307) ®

"Orc over Knagla on Aethermaw. I would say a very favourable matchup for Orc on this map (I think 75g starting gold should be buffed to 100g) and SkyEnd played the grunt spam very well. GG" ~Dauntless

[18/05] Dauntless has rightfully claimed the ultimate spot and is ranked number 1!
[10/05] vvd is now over 1700 Elo points.
[09/05] Godbeast is now over 1600 Elo points.
[09/05] vvd has ascended to the heady heights of 1700 Elo points.
[07/05] DanieleMurgioni is now over 2000 Elo points.


Ladder Tournament #2 Has finished!

Ladder Tournament #2 has officially ended. Congratulations to the winner, Krogen! He was the favorite going in and did not disappoint.


1 Krogen vs 8 Dreadnough 2-0

4 matto vs 5 Danniel_BR 0-2

2 enacui vs 7 diomed 2-0

3 halder vs 6 Zvhxii 0-1


1 Krogen vs 5 Danniel_BR 2-0

2 enacui vs 6 Zvhxii 2-0


1 Krogen vs 2 enacui 3-1

Now that the Ladder Era has been thoroughly tested it will now be required for all Ladder games! If you're interested in having more tournaments please let me know in the Discord channels. Thanks to everyone for participating

Ladder Tournament #2 has begun!


We have 34 participants so this will be a 6 round tournament before we move to Top 8. Please check the forums and Discord for your pairings. Good luck and have fun!

Ladder Tournament #2 Delayed


Ladder Tournament #2 has been delayed to Monday, November 8th. With the release of Wesnoth version 1.16 it is going to take sergey a bit to get the Ladder Era ported over. Sorry for the delay.

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