clmates (1700) / StonyDrew (1593) ®

"Dwarves over Loyals on Elensfar Courtyard. I'm starting to learn playing dwarves on these kind of maps. gg" ~clmates

"i'll defend better next time gg" ~StonyDrew

[17/10] StonyDrew has ascended to the heady heights of 1600 Elo points.
[17/10] vvd has ascended to the heady heights of 1600 Elo points.
[16/10] StonyDrew is now over 1600 Elo points.
[16/10] Arpus has ascended to the heady heights of 1700 Elo points.
[16/10] clmates is now over 1700 Elo points.


Ladder Tournament #2

Registration for Ladder Tournament #2 is now open.

We will be starting the tournament on Monday, October 25th

Please thoroughly read the tournament announcement, as it has several changes from the first one. Please post in the ladder-tournament chat room to discuss or ask questions.

Thanks to abhijit and halder for helping me run this tournament!

Also, if you haven't yet - please check out my Wesnoth Strategy Guide for competitive 1v1

"I was convinced i dont have to hurry with reading the guide, as what could possible be in it that i dont know already? But now im playing with grid and accelerated speed, thanks to it. Also i finally understand how income works, so double thanks.

outstanding work overall"

- Krogen, Winner of Ladder Tournament #1

Wesnoth Strategy Guide for competitive 1v1


I am excited to announce the release of my Wesnoth Strategy Guide! I first started working on this 8 or 9 years ago and have spent most of my free time these last 3.5 months finally finishing it. It is 93 pages and over 15,000 words! My hope is that it helps everyone become a better competitive player

- Cackfiend

Ladder Tournament #1 HAS FINISHED!


Ladder Tournament #1 has officially ended! CONGRATULATIONS to the champion, Krogen! Him and Danniel_BR had an epic 5 games to determine the winner with some truly amazing games. ALL replays can be found in Discord which is now open to all multiplayer players:

Final Standings:
1: Krogen
2: Danniel_BR
3: diomed
4: Cackfiend
5: Arktos (Elder)
6: matto
7: Zvhxii
8: DrakeKing

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