plk2 (2110) / SkyEnd (2362) ®

"G1 Skyend as dwarves vs plk2 loyals on hamlets" ~plk2

"LT#4 round 1 game 1 (-35% luck overall #cursed)" ~SkyEnd

[27/09] plk2 is now a part of the Top 10.
[26/09] StonyDrew has ascended to the heady heights of 1900 Elo points.
[25/09] Haldiel is now over 1900 Elo points.
[25/09] StonyDrew has ascended to the heady heights of 1900 Elo points.
[25/09] KhorneflakesBA is now a part of the Top 20.


Wesnoth1.10.0 is out...

...and becomes the new ladder standard for everybody from this day on. Abandon 1.8.6, it served us well, but it is time to move on. Development of the ladder has sped up a great deal since the creation of the ladder forum ( - the interested player is invited to join the ranks. More information will follow in the next weeks.


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