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Reporting a match to Ladder AND Ladder8


First id like to greet you all as the new ladder admin. If you have any grievances please point them to me.

That being said id like to talk about an issue I am seeing arise since the new Ladder8 was created.

When reporting a match to both this ladder and Ladder8 at the same time you need to make it VERY clear before the game starts that the ladder game youre playing is going to be reported to both ladders, and of course your opponent needs to agree. Then whomever wins needs to report it on both ladders.

I would ask all of you to name your game names VERY clearly; either "Ladder" or both "Ladder and Ladder8" and then make sure that your opponent agrees. Also, I would ask that once the game starts you both confirm which ladder youre playing so that theres a record of the text in the game replay. A simple "this game is only for the ladder" or "this game is for both ladder and ladder8" and then the other player agreeing.

We do not want to see people only reporting wins on both ladders and only getting losses on one.

If youd like to discuss this please see my thread on the Ladder Council forums:


- Cackfiend

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