Arpus (1892) / vvd (1664) ®

"Knalgans over northerners in a 89 turn marathon on Hamlets. Orcs leveled a lot of units (e.g. warlord), causing their cash-flow running low, and finally dwarves managed to win an almost lost game, gg!" ~Arpus

[22/05] Lich_Lord says there's only a few left to beat and enters the Top 5.
[18/05] Dauntless is now king of the hill and ranked number 1!
[10/05] vvd is now over 1700 Elo points.
[09/05] Godbeast has ascended to the heady heights of 1600 Elo points.
[09/05] vvd just got into the range of 1700 Elo points.


RBY Update & Milestone

RBY has been updated to version 21 and now has a RBY No Mirror era that is not bugged. Since Wesnoth v1.10 the RBY No Mirror era has been very limited when it comes to what race and leader you get and RBY v21 fixes that. BIG thanks to iceiceice for doing the leg work.

Also, we recently achieved a big milestone as we hit 1 Million downloads!

- Cackfiend

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